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I unpacked a box yesterday - books. A couple more of my Cherryh Foreigner series hardbacks turned up, which is good. I'd like to get the whole series in hardback eventually as I do reread them from time to time. And I don't have a copy of Explorer at all, as we were incredibly broke at that time and missed a couple of books. I picked up one of them later but not Explorer, which is unfortunate as it is a bit of a linchpin. Maybe next payday I'll pop onto Booko and see what I can find.

I really need to focus on getting this place in better shape for winter though:

* I've asked for the paperwork to withdraw super funds so that I can finish off the bathroom and instal hot water. This is the 4th try at that, and it should have turned up by Friday. I'll give it another couple of days before getting back on the phone. At least this time they took my new address without insisting that I needed to snailmail it to them on their forms (which never turned up).

* The windows need to be better sealed and I might try the bubblewrap hack to insulate them better. If I can find the bubblewrap. It's gotta be here somewhere.

* That roof leak needs attention. *sigh*

* And most of all I need to get rid of more of this stuff. So, boxes...
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