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The premise of this HP fanfic is ridiculous, but I started reading it anyway and really enjoyed it too: the Room of Requirement provides a spaceship...
Wizards in Space by esama
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I have had this as an earworm since I heard it on the radio yesterday: Bread's Diary

What makes me happy about this song is that it is about real love - not lust or possessiveness. Sometimes I just wonder so much at the warped things people think show love.
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I wanted something sweet so I threw an egg, some almond meal and sugar, a spoonful of rice flour and some soy milk into a cup. It looked dull so I added a chopped up strawberry and a dash of rosewater before popping it into the microwave. Then I spotted the icing sugar and decided to make icing while it was cooking. I used a teeny drop of rosewater and a spoonful of 'nudie' coconut yoghurt, and it was really, really good, melting over the mug cake. An experimental cake that worked! :) The strawberry chunks and the rosewater were beautiful complements to each other and the almond meal.
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I wish you all could have seen the moon this morning. It was like an illustration from a children's picture book, hanging huge and golden against the pale morning sky. I had to be at the hospital for my MRI at 6.45am and luckily I was able admire it for the whole drive there. What a lovely start to my day.
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Today I went to see Ghostbusters. I loved it and I'm not going to nitpick it. It made me smile!
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Today we found my box of bathers! \o/ The ones I had kept out are beginning to lose elasticity which was beginning to make aqua excercise classes tricky!
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Well with a sick child I had to miss a club outing today, which is too bad since it sounded fun, but I did a lot yesterday so it's probably for the best. I picked the kid up from school at 10am and by 11am I had fallen back into bed with a surprised groan at how much my body welcomed that. I was asleep soon after, and I slept most of the day, just checking on the kid a couple of times.

It still puts a smile on my face to see this stretch of lino. It was so fiddly, and required so much moving of stuff with the help of eldest child yesterday to get it finished! But now it is down and the kitchen/bathroom space is vastly easier to navigate!

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Today my friend J came to visit me - always great to see her! And the knowledge that she was coming spurred me to finally finish laying the kitchen lino and set up a comfy sitting nook. After J left, my youngest and I sat there reading amicably together, cat on my lap, until she had to get ready to go out.
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Today I got my tax sorted out. \o/
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I bought another armchair on ebay! And then I took the trailer across to pick it up. I like to feel competent. :)

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Today I had dumpling soup. I looooove dumpling soup but it is so hard to find a glutenfree version!

8d House: I love your dumplings and your mochi... and your staff. You make me happy!
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Lots of things went well today, so I'm giving the day a 'B+', despite the fact it involved a trip to the dentist and a bad drug reaction at the hospital. The kids made it onto the train in time despite oversleeping, I did gentle aquarobics at the pool, I had enough energy to walk to the train station, the new dentist is nice and I made it to both his appointment and the hospital appointment in good time despite tight timing, eldest child was able to pick me up from hospital after the drug reaction and it was his turn to cook dinner so I could nap when I got home. Lots of good things today...
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Today my eldest and I moved another bookcase and I cleared most of the back door. All progress makes me happy! :)
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I read a lot and today I found a previously unknown Stargate Atlantis series that was loooong! It's mainly Sheppard/McKay and there is some harsh stuff in there - mainly as flashbacks - of torture, non-con and dubcon. That's probably what put me off reading it if I came across it before. But the characterisation  is interesting (if sometimes a bit inconsistent) and the overall feeling is pretty optimistic, I feel. The darkness is pretty central to Sheppard's characterisation and it didn't strike me as torture-porn, despite what I've said. I am not a whump fan, honestly!

Anyway, this series has given me a rare and lovely day's immersion into SGA and while it may not be to everyone's taste, I recommend it.

Two-Body Problem series by bomberqueen17

Oh - I should mention that the series is not finished, however it has been recently updated and in any case the completed stories stand quite well without further addition. 
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Sometimes it can be a guilty pleasure to be able to spend some time alone, and today was one of those days.
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My daughter made cake today from a recipe in my NMAA cookbook (adapted to be glutenfree/dairyfree). I lifted it in and out of the oven for her, but otherwise all I did was advise. Good work, kiddo!
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Driving home from town this morning I was feeling a little blue, when suddenly a large, lazily spinning soap bubble was there in front of me, hovering above the road. A quick glance around showed no obvious source or companion bubbles.

I swished under it, hoping that the rush of my passing didn't cause it to come to harm, but I didn't get a chance to check the rear view mirror before the bend of the road and the pine trees hid it from view.

A delightful mystery!
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I went to the mall today, but on the way I thought I would drop in and use my petrol giftcard, since I'd given the last of my cash to the kid whose buscard was out of money.

Yeah, I forgot that place changed hands, so there I was, $20 worth of petrol in the petrol tank and no way to pay for it. Embarrassing! I had to leave my tablet with them as security, which made me hyperventilate a little. I'm not saying this tablet is my security blanket, but my daughter did ask later if I was sure I was recovered from the separation!

So then I got to the bank, and beautiful cash was handed across the counter so that I was able to redeem my beloved. Which made me happy!
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