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I've been reading Harry Potter fanfiction where Hermione waves her hand in the air in her eagerness to answer questions, and it reminded me of a parent-teacher interview I had with my middle son's teacher in 6th grade.

"He wants to answer all the questions," said Mr D. "I had to explain to him that I know he knows the answer, but that everyone else in the class needs a chance to show what they can do so that I can teach them too."

Apparently my son considered this reasonable but then he went away and came back with a chart of hand-signals so that Mr D would know if he 'knew the answer', 'knew the answer but had something interesting to add', 'was not signalling about the answer but had something different to say' etc. There were about 10 signals.

I started to laugh. Then Mr D said plaintively, "I suppose I should feel honoured that he thinks I'm smart enough to learn all the signals..." and I just lost it. I laughed until the tears came to my eyes.

I love that boy and Mr D. was the best!
Mar. 10th, 2017 03:36 pm

Box 1

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As predicted, Friday (yesterday) was not a day on which I was up to much. No boxes were unpacked. Today I grabbed an easy one, but at least I did it!

I took pictures but it's now 2am after a minor drama (my kid's car got locked in a parking garage in the city. He took the train home and since it was after midnight and raining I picked him up from the station) I cannot figure out how to post photos here. I'll try again tomorrow. I have to get up early to get him back on the train to collect his car anyway. *sigh* Poor kid.

Added Later:

Full box

Layer of small things

Empty box
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My daughter made cake today from a recipe in my NMAA cookbook (adapted to be glutenfree/dairyfree). I lifted it in and out of the oven for her, but otherwise all I did was advise. Good work, kiddo!
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My daughter thanked me today for the cheese and vegemite sandwich I sent to her when she unexpectedly spent all day helping out at a local music festival yesterday.

"Does she like cheese and vegemite?" hubby asked as I hurriedly made it to go with him into town.

"She's always refused to try it, but she will," I assured him.

"Ummm, but..." he pressed me further.

There wasn't a lot of choice in the cupboards as I've been sick. "Trust me: she'll like it."

She did. :)
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It's the little moments that sometimes mean the most! Today the school was selling gluten-free dairy-free poffertjes as part of a fundraiser. My daughter was so excited that I cleaned out my purse of change so that we could share some. She's never had any before, and the last time I had some was 20 years ago before my dietary troubles were diagnosed.
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I was so happy when we arrived home this afternoon to realise that the boys hadn't found last night's leftover saagwala and rice in the fridge! ;)  The girlie and I had it for lunch (leaving the boys to eat pies from the freezer).
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Today I had a lovely long discussion with my 15yo which ranged over topics such as where to banish bigoted dickheads if I were the Empress of the World, the fall of the Roman Empire, the philosophical underpinnings of philanthropy, whether our PM is a sociopath and many other topics of interest.

(Edited to correct title)
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My daughter and I listened to the Beatles today. She doesn't understand the eggmen or the walrus. Neither do I!
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to my blue-eyed boy!

His father bought him computer bits and I hit up his list but the present I'm happiest about was a serendipitous thrift-store find of a black leather jacket. It cost less than the matching new warm leather gloves I bought him but he loves it.
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My youngest showed off her most recent costume to some friends today. Their gasp of awe gave me a real boost! :)

She was wearing:
- a half-circle woolen cloak of yellow, lined and trimmed with red.
- a red bodice and skirt
- a white chemise
- ankle boots
- a black velveteen elizabethan hat trimmed with a couple of ostrich feathers
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Cuddling on the sofa with my younger two and watching Eurovision always makes me happy!

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Things haven't been so great, but that just means that there's all the more need to hop back on the Happy Days wagon, right? Here we go again...

It made me very happy today when my kids were supportive and loving to each other, as my youngest sat a very important test. That's what mama likes to see!
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My 17yo was invited to an English Sparkle Party today, he told me.

What I imagined:

It seems there were half a dozen kids who missed English last week for one reason or another. So the party was more like this:


I love Miss T! she is a great English teacher!
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Anzac Day at the local RSL, with my daughter playing in the band.

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As of about 2am, the whole family is back under one roof again! \o/

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