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Sweet Home by Sam Storyteller
Remus/OC - Remus wanders the world after his friends are killed, spending some time as an Auror in Sydney.

The Weight of Memory by innerslytherin
Snupin - Only the epilogue is set in Australia

Youth is a disease from which we may recover by red day dawning
Snupin - Remus is stuck as a wolf after the Final Battle and brought to Australia to be healed.

A Close Shave by Schemingreader
Snupin - Post-DH, Lupin catches up with Snape in Sydney

Beneath Boundless Skies by blamebrampton
Harry/Draco - Post-DH both boys need a space out of the limelight, so they go to Wollongong.

The Other Side of the World by maple
Harry/Ron Ron will miss Harry when he's in Australia for 3 months. UST. * * * WIP * * *
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I'm collecting stories that fit the above description from Harry Potter fan-fiction - any pairing or none. (Nothing illiterate, please.) Here are some I have already encountered and enjoyed:

(not) The Sound of Music by the_senjou + sequels
RL/SS Remus and Severus work together at an orphanage for the children of Death Eaters and werewolves.
ANC&O: very high - The pair live with the orphans.

Ignatia by severity softly
SS/RL Remus adopts a war orphan who resembles Severus.
ANC&O: very high - Ignatia is central to the story

Who is your family by Rain
SS/RL Channing Lupin writes considers his family
ANC&O: very high - Channing is central to the story

more )
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I prefer adult/adult Snarrys. For one thing, they are more believable and interesting to me, and for another, I find adult/youth relationships (even those not actually chan) to be unlikely to last, due to the imbalance of power and life experience. In other words, I want my 'happily ever after'!

Here are some I have enjoyed (in alphabetical order). I will add to the list as I find more.

Alone by Obsessed One ***PASSWORD REQUIRED***
This one made me cry! You have been warned.

Dumbledore's Folly by DementorDelta
Potions professor courts Dilettante after they jointly inherit a house from Deceased Mentor.

Everybody's Fool by Cluegirl **NOW COMPLETE**
virgin!Snape and Harry improve security at Hogwarts together. Draco deserves everything he gets.

Flyfishing for Beginners by Jay Tryfanstone
Retired Potions Professor embarks on exploration of English Literature. HP runs the local bookshop. V.Funny.

The Fourth Year by Calligraphy:
Snape is confined to Auror Harry Potter's house upon Ministry orders.

Kestrel by lomonaaeren
WHen Harry's son is badly injured, Snape demands a price for his help.

The Measure of Our Torment by Amorette
Ministry persecutes Slytherins: Potter saves the day!

Potion Commotion by mahaliem
I don't like Lucius but this fic made me laugh SO hard! Severus and Harry misunderstand each other...

A Princely Abode by OdoGoddess
virgin!Potions Master with nightmares falls in love with his House Renovator.

The Profile by Barbarella
Snape is pulled in by Muggle police as a murder suspect, but his profiler, HP, knows better.

Quid Pro Quo by Aucta Sinistra:
Hit Wizard needs Potions Professor to brew the cure for a curse.

Twelve Days by Venivincere:
Romance between potions shop owner and broom designer.

When the Rose and the Fire Are One by Perverse Idyll
Darker than most of this list, this is also poetic and unforgettable. Snape is imprisoned by the Ministry while Harry and his friends try to recover from the trauma of war.

While The Cat's Away by Babblingbrook42:
Philanthopist accidentally bonds with Potions Professor while attempting to save him from Ministry machinations!
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You will not find chan in these recs. My preference is for adult-adult relationships, and I enjoy humour.

The Old Meddler (and sequels)
Snape/Percy - yeah I know that sounds weird, but josan really makes it work beautifully.

There are several stories around with this title, but this is the best. Snape/Ron, post-Hogwarts. The warnings include non-con, but the relationship between Snape and Ron is entirely consensual.

Rat's Alley
Two things I hate, Fabula Rasa made work: Snape/Sirius and Snape-is-a-vampire. S/he's a genius!

Portkey Party
Draco/Ginny. Lots of smut, and some intriguing hints of subterranean plots.

Size Queen by Predatrix
Snape/Hagrid. Not a pairing I would have considered workable, but this one surprised me!

Twenty Years Later by Reba Williams
Harry/Draco (eventually). Twenty years after Voldemort's defeat, Harry and Draco are living as Muggles in America. Harry is a cop and Draco is an academic.

A Thousand Beautiful Things by Duinn Fionn
Harry/Draco Long ago Lucius cast an Iberian spell on Harry. Can Draco break it?

The Fall by aigua nightshade ***ART***
Harry/Draco gorgeous

Fixed In A Morning Sun
Ron/Draco Draco accidentally joins the OotP. Very funny if you can cope with a LOT of unfinished sentences.

May Contain Nuts
Harry/George Very sweet. George is hearbreakingly adorable at the beginning.

Under the Influence
Stone Cold Sober
This duo of fics has quite few pairings (and a threesome) along the way, but it is mainly Sirius/Snape. I think SCS should have been split into two at approximately the end of Chapter 5, but it doesn't really matter. Fabula Rasa continues to stun me by making pairings I normally find squicky wonderful.

Our stern alarums chang'd to merry meetings by rosemaryandrue
Sirius/Remus OMG - the bathroom scene! The angst! The love!

Every Farthing of the Cost
Sirius/Remus It's a Buffy crossover but I don't watch Buffy and I still loved this story!

lovers alone wear sunlight
Sirius/Remus Sirus doesn't love Remus like THAT... does he?

A Dream before waking
Sirius/Remus Remus dreams of Sirius during PoA
VERY funny crack!fic where voices are swapped in a prank

Flavour of the month
Humorous RL/SS

Blue Moon
Funniest RL/SS I have ever read. It is completely in dialogue, and to appreciate it you really need to 'hear' SS' lines delivered in Alan Rickman's voice.

Lukewarm by Juxian Tang
Remus/Snape The smell of shampoo and the sound of wanking drives Remus crazy.

Five Small Victories for Professor Remus J. Lupin

Remus sleeping on the train (Art)

Remus kissing Severus (art)

Kissing Naked - definitely NWS

Circles of Power (Auror series)
Harry/Ron post-Hogwarts novel by Mad Martha, whose work is always a good read.

Close Enough
Harry/Ron post-Hogwarts - when Ron finds out that Harry has the hots for redheads, he gets involved. Angsty and very well written.

Coming Home (Coming Home series)
Another Harry/Ron from Mad Martha. Harry comes home to England when his son, Sirius, starts at Hogwarts.

Very sensual Harry/Ron Ron wants to practice with Harry before he asks Hermione out.

The Wages of Vice
Hugh Davenant/Avon. Long and truly excellent.

Higher Education
This is a fairly long grown-up Breakfast Club fan-fic. Brain/Delinquent pairing. It really worked for me.

Short gen fic about Daniel (Stargate SG1). There is a Jack/Daniel sequel.

Outliving the Universe
Gen fic about Susan, after the Last Battle.

Perverse Admiration
Ralph meets Andrew at last (The Charioteer)

We Walk As Men by nomelon
Bill/Ted porn. First my jaw dropped, then I guffawed, then it was kind of hot...

Favourite by astolat
Merlin/Arthur porn. Anything by astolat is wonderful, actually.

Assumptions by wrtrs-blck
Merlin/Arthur Great-Aunt Agatha visits Camelot. Hit the next button to get to the next 2 parts.

So are they all, all honourable men by serperis
Merlin/Arthur Merlin is driving Arthur crazy by being the perfect servant

The Gravest of Miracles
Merlin/Arthur What is WRONG with Arthur?

Merlin/Arthur Arthur can have anything he wants.
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