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I read a lot and today I found a previously unknown Stargate Atlantis series that was loooong! It's mainly Sheppard/McKay and there is some harsh stuff in there - mainly as flashbacks - of torture, non-con and dubcon. That's probably what put me off reading it if I came across it before. But the characterisation  is interesting (if sometimes a bit inconsistent) and the overall feeling is pretty optimistic, I feel. The darkness is pretty central to Sheppard's characterisation and it didn't strike me as torture-porn, despite what I've said. I am not a whump fan, honestly!

Anyway, this series has given me a rare and lovely day's immersion into SGA and while it may not be to everyone's taste, I recommend it.

Two-Body Problem series by bomberqueen17

Oh - I should mention that the series is not finished, however it has been recently updated and in any case the completed stories stand quite well without further addition. 
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I have another fic rec for today's happy thought. It's a 6k apocalypse fic from The Princess Bride fandom:

The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Westley and Buttercup by Atrata
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I've pretty much spent the day reading and enjoying the heck out of a Generation Kill / SGA crossover. When you realise that I have only the vaguest idea of who Generation Kill might be, this is even more surprising!

Rock Happy by ArwenLune can be found here:
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I caught myself grinning as I was reading this story today so it only seems fair to say that today's happy moment comes courtesy of American grad student and stoner Sherlock Holmes, and his war vet, med student flatmate John Watson.
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