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Hi to everyone new! Thanks for adding me.

My superannuation draw-down paperwork arrived and I need supporting documentation for my expenses, dangit. I guess this means I need a proper quote for my hot water installation rather than the verbal approximation the plumber gave me 9 months ago. I'll add it to my list for after Easter. At least I didn't get the Q230 from Centrelink yet - that is only valid for 21 days, so I'll have to do it last.

It's turned freezing here. Two weeks ago I was sleeping without a sheet, and now I'm under a fuzzy blanket and two quilts. There's been lots of rain, too, so the cat has been very unhappy. She hides under furniture or her people's blankets whenever the rain is heavy. I don't like rain either. As an ADD child (not that anyone had heard of ADD/ADHD back then) the advent of rain was my cue to rack my brain for what I'd left outside to be ruined this time: my shoes? Bike? Jacket? Book? Priceless memento of my grandmother? My cat and I are entirely sympatico on this issue, but I do wonder what in her prior life caused her to be like this. I've never had a cat who reacted to badly to rain before. She doesn't like boxes, either.

I unpacked a couple of boxes this week, which is suboptimal. I've been spending a lot of time asleep - partly due to this lingering illness, but also the kids went nocturnal for the holidays again and it's been nice not to have to harass them every morning. Back to school when Term 2 starts on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to it. I left a bit of a mess at the end of last term when my youngest needed extra attention just as I came down with a virus. *sigh*

The kids all know that the easiest way to deal with me is to promise anything and then wait 10 minutes because I'll forget about it. I try, but my follow-through is inconsistent due to my energy and memory issues.
I need to try harder with youngest.

So much chocolate, today! So. Much. I think I'll go heat up a curry pie for lunch.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! Have a great day to those who don't.
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