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There's been a sort of knocking noise in the car recently. It was a little worrying, then a lot worrying. I told hubby I needed to take it to a mechanic and sure enough he grumped that his car never got any money. Which is true. But at this point I just wasn't prepared to drive any further than the mechanic's (less than a mile) without getting it checked, whatever he said.

No way we could afford to pay for anything more expensive than a missing screw for the next 2 weeks but I was determined to get it seen.

The mechanic hypothesised a drive shaft problem, drove it around the car park a bit then peered under the rear. He was just telling me he couldn't see the problem when he blanched and asked if I knew I was driving around with only 2 wheel nuts on my rear right wheel.

Um. No.

So he tightened the remaining nuts, which were very loose (eep), and moved a couple of nuts from the other wheels onto the problem wheel, telling me to stop by a wrecker and replace them when I could.

He accepted a case of coke for his trouble.

So, you know, the situation was a lot more dangerous than I had realised, but on the other hand, it was fixable pretty much instantly, and for free. I am very grateful to him!
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