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I wanted something sweet so I threw an egg, some almond meal and sugar, a spoonful of rice flour and some soy milk into a cup. It looked dull so I added a chopped up strawberry and a dash of rosewater before popping it into the microwave. Then I spotted the icing sugar and decided to make icing while it was cooking. I used a teeny drop of rosewater and a spoonful of 'nudie' coconut yoghurt, and it was really, really good, melting over the mug cake. An experimental cake that worked! :) The strawberry chunks and the rosewater were beautiful complements to each other and the almond meal.
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Today I had dumpling soup. I looooove dumpling soup but it is so hard to find a glutenfree version!

8d House: I love your dumplings and your mochi... and your staff. You make me happy!
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My daughter made cake today from a recipe in my NMAA cookbook (adapted to be glutenfree/dairyfree). I lifted it in and out of the oven for her, but otherwise all I did was advise. Good work, kiddo!
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My daughter thanked me today for the cheese and vegemite sandwich I sent to her when she unexpectedly spent all day helping out at a local music festival yesterday.

"Does she like cheese and vegemite?" hubby asked as I hurriedly made it to go with him into town.

"She's always refused to try it, but she will," I assured him.

"Ummm, but..." he pressed me further.

There wasn't a lot of choice in the cupboards as I've been sick. "Trust me: she'll like it."

She did. :)
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I bought myself a hot chocolate today. A ridiculous indulgence at $4, but it was cold and I had hauled myself off my sickbed and poured myself through the shower in order to go and pick up my daughter and her musical instruments at school. Due to building works the supply of parking near the school is severely stressed at the moment, so I knew I'd have to get there early and wait. I can't wait until the building works are finished and I get my half-empty parking lot back again.

It was a good hot chocolate, though! 
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It's the little moments that sometimes mean the most! Today the school was selling gluten-free dairy-free poffertjes as part of a fundraiser. My daughter was so excited that I cleaned out my purse of change so that we could share some. She's never had any before, and the last time I had some was 20 years ago before my dietary troubles were diagnosed.
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I was so happy when we arrived home this afternoon to realise that the boys hadn't found last night's leftover saagwala and rice in the fridge! ;)  The girlie and I had it for lunch (leaving the boys to eat pies from the freezer).
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Some days chocolate is an essential prerequisite for happiness.

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Chicken curry for dinner. Yuuuuum!

Reverting to form, I forgot to take a photo!
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